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Aspen Sunset family farm

A Little History

Welcome to Aspen Sunset! We began dairy farming on this land in 1979, keeping in tradition with our parents. After discovering the healthy and sustainable benefits of rotational grazing for our dairy herd, we realized that this same practice was ideal for raising wholesome, grass-finished beef. It's the healthiest option for us and the animals!


Rotational Grazing

Cattle benefit greatly from grazing on grass because they are designed to properly digest and utilize it. We regularly rotate our beef herd to new paddocks where they are free to graze on renewable, lush, green pastures. During the winter months they are supplied with stored grasses and legumes. Our beef is referred to as "grass-finished" because we also incorporate a small portion of heart-healthy oats into their diet -- NO CORN.

A young calf in the pasture  


Currently, some of the genetic base for our grass-finished beef is Black Angus and Murray Grey; the Murray Grey is a British breed with a small, lean, heavily-muscled build. Our beef contains no hormones or growth supplements.

  Murray Grey bull   Angus and two young beef Murray Grey crossed with Black Angus  

Thank You!

We appreciate that you took the time to visit and learn more about us. If you are interested in ordering, view our pricing page for more info, then contact us with your order. We are happy to help if you have any further questions. Thanks again for supporting local farms!


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