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What are the benefits of eating grass-finished beef?

  Cancer fighting

Disease Fighting

Grass-finished beef contains very high levels of a substance called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Research has shown this fatty acid to be one of the most potent cancer-fighting elements in our diet. Levels of CLA in grass-pastured cattle are found to be many times that of feedlot cattle whose diet consists of large amounts of corn. Not only that, but it's widely understood that grain-fed cattle pose a far greater risk of E. coli poisoning. This is largely because of the unsanitary and stressful conditions inherent in large-scale operations.

  Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Essential, though rarely found in the average American’s diet, Omega-3 fatty acids are reported to promote cardiovascular health as well as aid in the prevention of inflammatory disease (arthritis), Type II diabetes, depression and cancer. The problem with some Omega-3 supplements (e.g. fish oil) is that they are often rancid and may contain toxins such as mercury. Our grass-finished beef is an excellent, pure source of Omega-3's.
  Balance your diet

Balance Is the Key

American diets tend to contain excessive amounts of Omega-6. These must be balanced with adequate levels of Omega-3 for proper health and development. When beef are fattened up on corn, Omega-3 levels plummet. Grass-finished beef retain healthy Omega-3 levels due to the elimination of grains, such as corn, from their diet.

Fruits and vegetables are essential

Our Philosophy

Here at Aspen Sunset we have changed our eating habits in order to improve our health. We have decided to include more fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts in our diet. These foods provide essential nutrients, fats and fibers and contain no cholesterol. The physical nature of our business keeps us active on a daily basis. Adequate exercise is also an important factor in maintaining healthy metabolism and building muscle.

  Grass Finished Beef


Moderating our consumption of meat, dairy products, eggs and poultry has also helped lower cholesterol. We prefer to eat oil-rich fish, range-fed poultry and our grass-finished beef. All of which are better for your health and promote good ethics in the food market.
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