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Farm Art DTour

The Farm/Art DTour is a 50-mile tour through scenic working lands of Sauk County punctuated by farm-based art installations and artist-built mobile Roadside Culture Stands selling fresh, locally grown produce. You’ll also find Field Notes – rural culture education sites – Pasture Performances and more!

Wormfarm Institute
The Wormfarm Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to build a sustainable future for agriculture and the arts by fostering vital links between people and the land. Generating, supporting and promoting these links between our creative selves, our work and our place on earth is essential for a thriving community.

Find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area.

These regional food guides include farms, farmers' markets, restaurants, stores and other businesses that sell local food and use sustainable production and business practices.

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